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ENG 201



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English 201 is a continuation of English 101. It helps the student develop the ability to write longer expository essays. Students continue to focus on the writing process as they are introduced to literary genres such as the short story, play, poem or novel. These help the student develop some awareness of literary form and provide the basis for continued exposition. Students are expected to complete a research project that involves library research, documentation, and the use of source material in a thesis-centered essay.

Prerequisites and/or Corequisites

Satisfactory completion of English 101 or the equivalent from another college. The satisfactory completion of Reading 075 and a passing score on the ACT Writing Test are basic skills prerequisites for English 201.

Requirements and Evaluation of Students

Students must write seven or eight essays of varying length, most of which will be longer than 500 words. There will also be instruction in writing a research paper that incorporates methods of formal documentation in MLA form. As in English 101, essays will go through a process of planning, writing, and revision. Some drafts may be written in class. Students will also complete a Digital Poetry project. I will assign grades based on the assignments and class participation.



Attendance and participation in all class activities is required. All assignments must be completed and handed in on time.

Computer Work

Some of the work of the class will be carried out on computers. We will meet once a week in the computer lab. You can also do this work from any computer (at home, in the library, in the cafeteria or wherever) which is connected to the Internet. Point your browser to and login to the CUNY Portal, in order to login to Blackboard.

Tutorial Assistance

For tutorial assistance, the Learning Resource Center (S500) is open:
Monday-Thursday 9am-9pm
Fridays 9am-7pm
Saturdays 9am-5pm
Sundays 11am-4pm
In addition, e-tutoring is available online at


You will need to buy one book for this class:

Retellings: A Thematic Literature Anthology

Edited by: Arlene Clarke---American River College and Marlene B. Clarke, University of California---Davis

Published by McGraw-Hill

The book comes with a free multimedia cd-rom ("Ariel"), which we’ll also be using in class.

It is available at Manhattan Books (150 Chambers Street, 212-385-7395).

Good Luck, and Don't forget to email me with any questions (