Areas of Research
Carnival HawkerThe bulk of my published research has been in the area of the scholarship of Teaching and Learning with Technology.  I've presented at conferences and published articles, electronic posters and digital galleries on subjects including asynchronous discussion, student-authored multimedia presentations, and social software.  I'm particularly interested in looking at the ways the new tools that technology gives us can be used to accomplish consistent teaching and learning goals in new ways. 

Beyond the scholarship of teaching and learning, I've also researched and published on more "traditional" literary subjects, including Dickens' Bleak House, Chaucer's Parliament of Fowls, Twain's Huckleberry Finn, Conrad's Heart of Darkness, Simon Ortiz' poetry and short fiction, and space opera and the new British wave in Science Fiction. 

My other research interests include urban legends and internet lore, and oral performance art--the subject of my fieldwork with county fair carnival pitchmen and their audiences, my dissertation, The Pitchman in Print: Oral Performance Art in Text and Context, and my essay "Quacks, Yokels, and Light-Fingered Folk," in the book Americana: Readings in American Popular Culture.

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