This rubric shows some (not all) of the possible Discussion Board responses. If you want a good Discussion Board grade for any Module, you need to post many of the GREEN types from the list below, few of the YELLOW types, and none of the RED types. All the GREEN types are acceptable, but you should try to mix them up...some posts from each of the three types.





Social/Emotional/ Personal Response

The post adds a real response, which may not relate directly or academically to the course.

"This reminds me of my mom.  When I was growing up, she used to say…." / “I’ve been thinking about what it means to use a computer…” / “That story made me cry.  It’s so unfair for that character to die at the end like that”

Open-ended Response

The post adds some information, or new ideas, but it doesn’t take those ideas very far.  It may be a good starting point, or raise a good question.

"The book says that ...." / "I learned in Sociology class last semester that..." / "What did you guys think about the news story on cloning?"/”Has anyone seen that movie….?”

Substantial Response

The post makes a substantial academic contribution. Material is included that is not available just by reading the textbook. Some issue or concept is clarified.

"Here is another way to look at this issue..." / "I found a website ( that explains this...." / "I don’t think that the definition of a human being can ever be a simple subject.  There are many qualities we have to look at.  The physical, the intellectual, the emotional, all have to be part of the answer…."

Minimal Response
The post is a “one-liner” with no independent content. It acknowledges another post, with a brief response, but doesn't continue the discussion.
"I have no idea"/”I agree”/”I disagree”/“You always have such great things to say." / "Thanks for your response."

Unacceptable Response

The post is insulting, offensive or inappropriate.

”That’s stupid”/”What are you smoking?"/"Only a ___ would say that."