Course Information -> Getting Started!
All the information you need to get started in this class is contained in this section ("Course Information"). You will have to do a little exploring, so that should be your first everything in this section!

But some people prefer some quick hints and tips, even before the exploring begins, so let me give you those here.
  • The lectures (they're really mini-lectures) for this course are all found in the Course Documents section.
  • The assignments (reading and writing) are found in the Assignments section.
  • This course is divided into "Modules," and each Module has its own theme. The Modules are all identified by small pictures (icons), which represent those themes. Here's an example, from Module Three: Module 3 Icon. You can tell which Module a Discussion Board or mini-lecture or assignment belongs to by checking the icon.
  • There are two specific kinds of buttons you will see in the mini-lectures, and you should know the difference. The red buttons discussion board button take you directly to the Discussion Board, and the blue buttons quiz button take you directly to the quizzes.

That's about it--you'll find more information, and more details, as you read through this section (including a handout you can print, below), and of course, if you have any questions...ask!.