Assignments -> More Readable "Down and Out"
I've been informed by a conscientious class member that the copy of "Down and Out on Ellfive Prime" which is posted on the Newman Library site is a poor quality scan, especially on the last few pages. It's so faint and blurry that it's almost impossible to read. That's not good! So I'm posting this link to a better copy, more readable. But this one is not on the Newman Library site, so there's no login, no ID number required....and that means that I'll have to take it down after this Module is over. So do yourself a favor, and print it out now, while it's still there. That way you'll be sure to have it for later reference. Please, always, let me know if any of the other scans are not readable. The library staff did their best with those, but mistakes do happen. I'll try to make better copies available as needed.