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All the readings for this course are available online, through the ERes (electronic reserves) at the Newman Library. You'll need to use your library code (on the back of your CUNY Online Baccalaureate ID card), to login. You can view an introductory video about the Newman Library and how to use the library services, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask. You will also need the free Adobe Reader, which you probably already have or (my preference) the quicker-loading but also free Foxit Reader). Personally, I find it much easier to print out and read the stories on paper, but if you're comfortable reading on the screen, that's fine, too. The stories are from the anthology The Ascent of Wonder by Hartwell and Cramer, which is out of print. There are used copies around, especially at online booksellers, if you would like to have a bound volume rather than the online versions. The titles and page numbers (in The Ascent of Wonder) and direct links to the online text of all the stories for each module are posted in this folder.