Magazine AmericanaI’m pleased to announce that my article “‘Quacks, Yokels, and Light-Fingered Folk’: Oral Performance Art at the Fair” is now published and available in the Venues section of Magazine Americana (published by the American Popular Culture Society). It was fun adapting the somewhat scholarly piece for a more general and popular audience, and I think (modestly) that it turned out to be a pretty good article. What’s nice about the online publication, too, is that I got to include a bunch of color photos. That’s something that’s almost impossible (prohibitive costs) in paper publications, but the photos really add to the piece.

Now the next step is to try to get the process moving more quickly on the film project. This article is the basis of a documentary film–in pre-production (pre-pre-pre-production…we need funding!) with Artifact Pictures. That’s going to be really fun!