TWT SpotlightI’m announcing it here, first, even though it’s not really being announced publicly quite yet. But I think it’s ready, and I think it’s worth announcing. I’ve been working pretty hard to get this up and running, and I like the way it’s turning out. The TWT (Teaching with Technology) Spotlight is my effort to get some informal but informative conversations with BMCC faculty out into the audiospace–so that colleagues can hear and think about what other colleagues are doing in their classrooms. I also wanted to give an example (a very basic one) of how educational podcasting can work beyond lecturecasting. It works well, in my opinion, when it’s short, frequently updated, conversational, and directed at a specific audience with a real interest in the content. There are other criteria, too, but these are the main ones for this podcast. It could be the first of many (or at least, several), and student voices might be the next step.