WordPress.orgI’m thinking, before this blog really gets big (tiny as it is right now), of switching away from MovableType and to WordPress. It’s not really because of Six Apart’s recent, much-lamented decision to make Movable Type cost money (and not just a little, either). They’re still going to keep the free version, which seems pretty suitable for my needs, and it’s easy enough to stay free with just keeping the older version instead of upgrading to version 3. But I can see that the constant “rebuilding” required by Movable Type could become a bit of a problem when (if) this blog ever gets big. I’m also concerned about size on the server…which is nowhere near a problem yet, but could be, someday, and WordPress seems (from what I hear) to manage this problem much better.

From the quick look I’ve had, WordPress seems to have even better features, and it really installs much easier than MT. But will I be able to keep my oh-so-beautiful design? Or, more accurately, will I be able to figure out how to use the templates and features of WP? That, truly, remains to be seen, especially since I can’t say I’ve really mastered MT. At all! But, I’m always in the market for another time-waster. Hah!