David Warlick offers a very nice free online tool for students working on research papers, the Landmarks Citation Machine.

It’s very comprehensive, turning the basic information about any source (including books, works in anthologies, articles, even electronic resources, forum postings and interviews) into properly formatted citations or parenthetical citations in both MLA and APA formats.

It’s almost enough to make me feel that my own (ongoing) efforts in MaGiCS are a reinvention of the wheel.

But in the spirit of total accuracy, sour grapes, and tooting my own horn, I have to point out that while I haven’t included parenthetical citations, or all the different kinds of sources (yet), my citation generators for books and articles will make lower-case letters into capitals, as needed.

And also, my design is much easier on the eyes than David Warlick’s pages (blue and yellow with red and blue letters–yech!). (That’s the sour grapes part).