InnovateInnovate has scheduled the live session for discussion of my article for Tuesday, 2/22, at noon. It’s right in the middle of the day, but I’m hoping colleagues, friends, anyone interested in online education or asynchronous discussion will be able to steal an hour or two (while eating lunch?) to join the discussion. You’ll be able to type your questions in, and hear me talk, and if you have a usb headset/microphone, you can even talk yourself.

I’ve participated in this kind of session before, through the Sloan-C Online Research Workshop, and other venues. While there’s always an inevitable period of “Can you hear me? No? Can you see the powerpoint slide? Yes?” it’s still kind of fun, and a good way to get some discussion going, at least introducing some concepts, for future thought and investigation.

Of course, the asynchronous option remains open–just click on “discuss” after reading the article.