2007 Snapshot GalleryA few weeks ago, on November 11 (11/11, get it?), all the Macaulay freshmen took photos to represent their view of NYC. It’s a great range of images, some captured on camera phones at low resolution, some of neighborhoods and streets, animals, eyes, people and subways. Then they uploaded them to an online gallery we set up, so they could rate and comment on their classmates’ photos. Now (starting tonight), they’re having a brick and mortar gallery show in the Macaulay Center. Student curators assembled, grouped and hung the photos (with lots of technical and practical help and late hours from Macaulay staff), and now they get to walk among them, look at them, talk about them, and hear guest speakers and enjoy light refreshments.

I’m impressed by the event, and I love looking at the photos. And the students’ captions. And their comments! Each year we get new freshmen, and a new group of views of the city.