….to get better health care.

I knew there was something I liked about Indiana, although I imagine the percentage might be even higher in some other states!

You are a straight man. You like your job but your cheesy company has a terrible health benefit package with poor coverage. A single male friend of yours works a job with excellent benefits. You could be on your friend’s health plan for the same price you are currently paying, if only you go down to the local courthouse and get legally married. Would you do it?

In a recent Gallup poll, over 76% of single Hoosiers polled said yes, they would participate in a civil union with a person of the same sex if it meant they would have a better health plan.

I wonder if there’s a way Kerry can use this to his advantage? 😉

I wonder how many of that 76% may be (in fact) thinking of some added advantages, like Indianapolis steamfitter Bryan Overton, “I don’t see anything wrong with it…Just because you have a marriage certificate doesn’t mean you have to be in love or bone each other.”

No, Bryan, it doesn’t mean you have to….but if you want to…