I watched a truly terrifying Frontline report, The Jesus Factor, the other night.

We have a president (and most Americans still say they would vote to reelect him), who absolutely does not agree with the idea of America as a secular democracy. It’s not just that some of his policies threaten the separation of Church and State–he doesn’t, in his heart, believe that the separation of Church and State is a good idea.

He sees this as a Christian country, and his mission as a God-given Christian mission.

But perhaps the most terrifying statistic was that 40% of Americans identify themselves as “evangelical” or “born again,” and that, as Bush proved, it’s possible to be elected president with the fundamentalist Christian vote…and nothing else.

How close is theocracy? Closer than I want to imagine.

Frontline, as usual, provides an excellent web resource, too–with tons of great additional information, and the opportunity to watch the whole show online.