the iimage browser window with the options I addedSo this is a fun thing–I took the Lightbox 2 script and married it to Iimage Browser. Lightbox has the effect that anyone can see (check the images below). It takes a thumbnail linked to a full-size image, and instead of just having that full-size image open up normally, it gives it a cool overlay effect–this page darkens, and the new image opens above it, sort of laid on top. Even better, if there’s a series of images, it gives the number of them, and “next” and “links” that appear when you mouse over the image. That’s fun, but it wasn’t quite elegant or user-friendly enough. On this blog I use the Iimage Browser plugin on the back-end (you can’t see that as a reader) to easily upload images and add them to posts. I had already hacked Iimage Browser a bit, to add options to “float” the images on the right or left of a post (wrap the text around them). So for this, I hacked it again, to add the lightbox function for any thumbnail, and to give a simple text box choice, no coding necessary, to also use the Lightbox series effect easily. If I get time (and remember what I did), I should probably wrap it up and pack it up with nice instructions, too. It’s not really a big modification to either the script of the plugin–and if I were even better about this (and had more time)–I would really put it all together into a plugin that would do everything. But for now, it was a stretch of my abilities, and I’m impressed with myself that I made it work!

Here’s an example with just one single picture (without wrapped text–not floating)this is my caption
So that was one picture–now I would like to have a series of pictures all together and be able to navigate next or previous. so I’ll put them here
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