Today the word is finally official. Effective February 1, I’m the new (never-before-seen) Director of Teaching and Learning with Technology at BMCC. I’ve been a Coordinator before, and a Deputy, and even a Chief, but never a Director. It’s rather a grand-sounding title, and it translates, practically, into a single office, all to myself, with a window, lots and lots more responsibility, lots and lots and lots more work, and absolutely no more money. It’s my chance to take a swing at planning, policy, and coordination for TLT at the college, and it’s a swing I’ve been longing to take for quite some time. It does also mean (at least for a while) that I’ll be out of the classroom. And I have to admit I’m ambivalent about that. Still, it’s a positive step, overall. And I’m glad to take it.

I think I need new business cards, for sure…and maybe a logo! 😉