posts an ironic story, picked up by BoingBoing, claiming that Bruce Sprinsteen’s recent album in tribute to Pete Seeger, “We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions,” is locked down with a terribly restrictive DRM, preventing playing on most computers, and also preventing ripping to MP3. Now, that would be ironic, and contrary to the spirit of Pete Seeger’s music, and quite worthy of condemnation.

The problem is…it’s not true! I own that album, I’ve enjoyed it a lot. I’ve also played it on several different computers, using both linux and windows, and I’ve ripped it several times, too, to both mp3 and ogg. I’ve put the mp3’s on two different ipods. Not a single problem, no DRM, no restriction at all.

I think that restrictive DRM’s that don’t let me enjoy or use the music that I’ve paid for are terrible. But in this case, at least in my experience, the accusation is totally false.