Three classes in a row–all meeting for the first time–makes for a very long day. But it also reminds me of why I like this job. Walking into a room of recalcitrant, reluctant, uncertain, edgy, vulnerable people, and breaking that ice, kickstarting that engine, beginning the work of building a class–it’s invigorating. I get out all charged up, jumping and running, and it’s a rolling momentum that carries me through the day.

It was a bit weird this time, teaching more than I expected to, and a course that I’d rather avoid (our ENG 095). I also had the three classes, not in the computer labs, and I had to give them some kind of introduction (warning?) about the tech work we’re doing in each one. And in two of them, it’s projects I’ve never even attempted before. They’ll see it in more detail later–but at this point they just have to trust me. And the really fun thing is that…they do! 🙂