Slate reports that at least one speaker at the Republican convention has gone off-script to flash a sign of what’s really behind their facade of “we’re just moderates, not scary at all, we want to be friends, but we’re misunderstood.” We know what far too many of them really think, even if they’ve been instructed not to say it…

Mississippi congressional candidate Clinton LeSueur strays from President Bush’s carefully inclusive religious rhetoric. Instead of making the nonsectarian statement in his prepared text–“The very foundation of this country is faith”–LeSueur says, “The very foundation of this country is Christianity and faith in Jesus Christ.”

And in the New York Times, we see that they really want to turn us (NYC) into some kind of Stepford-shadow of them (“God’s Country”):

“I left God’s country,” said Leon Mosley of Waterloo, Iowa, co-chairman of his state party. “They could use a bunch of people from Iowa to come here to show New Yorkers what life is all about, what being patriotic is all about, and what country is all about. I’m as confident about Bush being re-elected as I am that eggs are going to be in New York tomorrow morning.”

Well, tomorrow (or a day or so later), there are going to be eggs in New York (scrambled on a roll with bacon), and Leon Mosley can go right back to Iowa where he belongs, to await the destruction of all his confidence come November.