Based on admittedly very limited momentary experience, but here’s some things I’ve noticed: people actually say, with no irony intended, things like “ah appreciate y’all,” and “ain’t you the cutest li’l thing!” (after hearing that for the third time, my daughter said “people are funny here.”)…women wear makeup. Lots of makeup…everybody wears t-shirts with slogans related to alcohol, sex, and NASCAR. Or all of the above…nobody wears black…words are pronounced differently, and it’s not just an accent (a couch, coffee table, and an armchair are a “living room suit” and those delicious chocolates are from “the Godova chocolate store)…Applebee’s and Friday’s and Chili’s are considered not just acceptable (which they’re not) but actually desirable. A rare treat.

The red states (probably suburbs in blue states, too–in a way the red states are all just giant suburbs) really, truly, are different.